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Q&A - Can you review amorphous vs. crystalline polymers?

February 12, 2015

The key attributes of crystalline vs. amorphous polymersA recent customer visit found us reviewing the attributes of amorphous vs. crystalline polymers. I thought I’d share the information as a good refresher on polymers and PTFE. 

So what are the key attributes of crystalline vs. amorphous polymers?

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Plastic Manufacturing for the Auto industry

August 26, 2014

Plastic Manufacturing for the Auto IndustryYou may have read our recent post about the growth of the auto industry and what that means to plastic manufacturers. At TriStar, we’ve worked with auto makers for many years to help them increase the fuel efficiency of their vehicles through lightweight plastic bearings and custom components

Given our interest in auto plastics, I thought I’d share an article from our colleagues at Plastics Engineering Magazine, which uncovers new initiatives to build large-scale auto parts from composites. This technology is bringing auto plastics to a whole new level.

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Aircraft Bearings: Polymer pivots, steers and lifts with better performance

July 9, 2014

Aircraft Bearings: Polymer pivots, steers and lifts with better performanceHistory was made last month in the aviation industry as Boeing delivered its 1,500th 747 aircraft – the first wide-body airplane to reach this delivery milestone.  As a longtime provider of bearings for aircraft ranging from helicopters to military jets and even space components, TriStar shared in the marvel of the moment.

Aircraft bearings have strict requirements for quality and performance; they must tolerate massive fluctuations in temperatures, pressurized cabins, all-weather conditions, plus extreme loads.   And polymer bearings are becoming the go-to material for lift, tilt and pivot points in the steering, fuselage, wings and other areas of commercial aircraft.   Unlike metal bearings, they provide self-lubricating service to save on greasing and maintenance costs.  Here’s a sampling:

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