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Meldin® Polyimides Outperform Competition in Semiconductor Fabs

Semiconductors are the heart of modern technology, powering devices from smartphones to supercomputers.

The semiconductor manufacturing process demands precision, reliability, and resistance to extreme conditions. High-performance polyimide materials are indispensable to this task, especially in plasma deposition chamber applications.

Given the extreme conditions within these chambers, the materials used for key components such as screws and wafer handling rings must withstand this tough environment without degradation.

Semiconductor fabs require materials that:

  • Withstand temperatures ranging up to 400°F.
  • Avoiding outgassing particles at these high temperatures.
  • Exhibit zero ionic contamination (eg. metals) which can drive defects.
  • Possess strong dielectric insulation properties.

The standard choices in polyimide materials for many years have been very limited but we believe Meldin® 7001 is a compelling alternative. Meldin® 7001 is cost-competitive while providing all the same critical performance characteristics. In fact, Meldin® exhibits 10-14% better plasma etch resistance compared to Vespel® SP-1.

These advantages can lead directly to longer component lifespan, reduced downtime, and ultimately higher margins for semiconductor manufacturers employing plasma etching and deposition processes.

Vespel is a registered trademark of Dupont.

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