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1 min read

Meet TriStar’s Business Development Manager

By Dave Biering on May 27, 2014

Judy Cedrone - TriStar PlasticsJudy Cedrone solves bearing challenges and gives industry insight

“I love helping our engineering clients solve their tough bearing challenges,” says Judy Cedrone, Business Development Manager at TriStar Plastics, “and in this position, no two days ― or two applications ― are ever the same,” she adds with a smile.  

Serving over 70 industries for more than three decades, the TriStar team has mastered every type of bearing application ― from replacing tried-and-true automotive brake bearings to fabricating high-performance bearings for elite America’s Cup vessels.   “There is so much innovation in the marine industry right now,” says Judy, “and self-lubricating bearings such as the Ultracomp 300A give marine engineers an unbeatable combination of extended service and corrosion resistance for superior design flexibility.”

Judy recently celebrated her 26th year at TriStar, and has held several positions within sales and management.  She notes that she is just one of many employees with long tenure at TriStar, “Our customers are amazed at the continuity of care they receive from TriStar; even years after their initial contact with us, they can usually reach the same person to answer any questions.”   

Beyond helping customers solve tough engineering challenges, Judy loves “nature, hiking, and virtually all water activities ― especially kayaking,” from her base in North Carolina.  And she has a real soft spot for rescue dogs.  But it is her latest canine addition, Savannah, who has stolen Judy’s heart!

To find out how self-lubricating bearings can help your businessget in touch with Judy!
Topics: TriStar Self-Lubricating Bearings Marine Bearings
2 min read

Reinforced Plane Bearings: The Pros and Cons of Different Liners

By Dave Biering on September 3, 2013

Blog 20130903bIn our last post we reviewed the key questions to ask when selecting a liner material for reinforced bearings. Ultimately, the final selection will depend on the exact parameters of your application (load, speed and temperature), and we also recommend that you review the size and shape, plus cost and machinability of your material.   When you’ve evaluated all of these factors, here are some liner option to consider, and common uses of each:

Low friction, high PV, high speed, no lubrication required, high-operating temperature.   An enhanced-wear PTFE liner for use in lubricated and dry environments. With lubrication, PV ratings can exceed 1,000,000.

Uses: Material handling, agriculture, and hydraulics. The PTS version is lead-free for use in food-grade applications.

Good for use in lubricated or dry environments, and offers high PV. With lubrication, PV ratings can be met without limitations. Lubrication reservoirs are available on the liner to produce a constant storage and pumping action for better hydrodynamic film generation. 

Uses: mining equipment, chassis components

Operates with or without lubrication, high PV, and high temperature. With lubrication, PV ratings can exceed 1,000,000. Lubrication reservoirs are available to produce a constant storage and pumping action for better hydrodynamic film generation; reservoirs unnecessary in dry applications.

Uses: chemical pumps and valve bushings

PR and P4
Good for high-speed reciprocating, self-lubricating, high-temperature and high-load applications. Liner is designed specifically for high-frequency dither applications. 

Uses:  valves, shock absorbers, hydraulic controls – both lubricated and dry

High-PV and high-speed applications, and this liner will run with zero lubrication. Liner thickness allows for secondary machining to accommodate misalignment.

Uses:  ski lift chair clip bearings, lift and tilt on medium-speed and mid-load applications.

TriSteel reinforced bearings are metal-backed and contain various self-lubricating liner materials that are sintered to the substrate for longer wear.  Read about our newest variation, TriSteel P4.

Interested in learning more about reinforced bearings?  Submit your design specs or request a quote!

Topics: TriStar Material Selection