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4 Reasons for Waterproof Bearings in Paper Processing

March 21, 2017

We recommend plastic waterproof bearings over traditional rolling elements in paper processing.

From wet forming to high-heat drying, paper processing involves varying operating temperatures and conditions. Traditionally, metal rolling element bearings have been the material-of-choice, but metal has limitations in this application. Here are 4 reasons to choose plastic waterproof bearings instead:

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Q&A Waterproof bearings: What are the benefits of plastic?

May 24, 2016

Waterproof bearings: What are the benefits of plastic?

Have you posted your design question to our Ask the Experts portal? It may be featured in our weekly blog, which is where this post comes from! A designer of offshore marine products wanted to review the benefits of waterproof bearings. And the top answer is that plastic waterproof bearings eliminate corrosion, which is one of the primary causes of metal bearing failure in a water environment. 

Here’s how:

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