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Plasma Cleaning of Titanium Parts

Posted by Kevin Smith

September 11, 2012

Titanium Parts and Plasma Cleaning

Blog 20120911Titanium and titanium alloys are commonly used for medical devices such as orthopedic implants and stents due to the nature of biocompatibility stemming from the chemical properties of the element.  To achieve optimum cleanliness on the surface of the material, it is extremely important to remove all trace organic contamination (residual machining oils, etc.) in addition to some inorganic impurities.

Wet-chemical cleaning of titanium devices is commonly carried out with a dilution of nitric acid followed by multiple rinses and drying steps.  Repeated processes of heating and re-oxidation are then done to “re-grow” a fresh and uniform oxide skin.  It has been shown that plasma cleaning and processing (using multiple processes of argon and oxygen gases applied at different times and under different conditions) can effectively replace the use of nitric acid cleaning.

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