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Composite Bearings Power Energy Industry Innovation

The oil and gas industry has high demands for polymer bearings.

Extreme temperatures and high loads, near-constant use, plus the increasing scrutiny of the industry’s impact on the environment are all top challenges.

TriStar’s polymer bearing materials have been specifically engineered for oil & gas applications. One such material is Rulon® 945. Boasting exceptional impact stability, plus heat and chemical resistance, 945 is an ideal fit for extreme applications such as fracking.

Some other energy applications for composite bearings include:

  • Compressor piston rings, wear rings, tensional seals used in every facet of the industry (from reinjection to pipeline transportation)
  • Engine shaft seals used in fracking equipment
  • Slide pads used in pipelines
  • Wear pads on the elastomeric casing guides used in oil and gas drilling
  • Drop-in composite replacements for bronze bearings used on the drill spoolers in offshore drilling equipment.

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