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    Self-Lubricating Bearings

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Advancements in plastics technology that better utilize the strength, wear resistance and self-lubricating features of advanced polymers give engineers and end users a simple, reliable and economical alternative to rolling element bearings.

As a leading bearing distributor, TriStar offers a wide range of bearings that are ideal for non-lubricated, high-load applications in a variety of climates and operating environments. 

So that we may assist you in your bearing material selection, visit our Interactive Materials Database. This online resource provides detailed engineering information and specifications for the most frequently used materials. Or let our engineering team assist you in choosing the right bearing material for your application.  

Learn more by selecting one of our product lines below:

CJ Bearings
  • Non-lubricated, High-Load
  • Variety of climates and operating environments
  • Long wear and extended operating life
  • Replacement for steel and bronze
Rulon Plane Bearings
  • Strong
  • Wear resistant
  • Self-lubricating
  • High-performance
  • Economic alternative
  • High-load, low speed applications
  • Exceptional resistance to vibration and impact
  • Compressive strength of up to 54,000 psi
  • Fabricate to your specifications
Custom Components
  • Manufactured to your specific requirements
  • State-of-the-art fabrication facility with CNC milling, turning and machining
  • We work with you each step of the way
  • Metal backed, self lubricating
  • Good for the most rigorous requirements
  • Withstands high loads, high speeds and adverse environments
Stock Shapes
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Chemical reistance
  • FDA compliance
  • Aircraft and aerospace
  • Oven and dryer bearings
  • Semiconductor and robotics
  • Food and drug
Rulon Materials
  • High Temp
  • Self-lubricating
  • Wear resistant
  • High-performance