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Manufacturing places unique demands on bearings. Beyond the cost of materials and operations, manufacturers also carry the expense of maintaining expensive industrial equipment. And any slow down or stoppage on the production line translates to lost profits. 

Self-lubricating composite bearings are ideal drop-in replacements in manufacturing applications because they reduce complexity, eliminate the need for frequent manual lubrication, and can better handle extremes of temperature and friction.

Some manufacturing applications for composite bearings include:

  • Assembly line conveyor roller bearings
  • Wear bearings on aluminum smelter breaker bar cylinders
  • Shaft bearings for high-velocity industrial mixers
  • Composite bearings to replace ball bearings used in forklift mast roller and steering assemblies.
  • Drum glide pads in industrial dryer applications

TriStar carries a full range of off-the-shelf components specifically engineered for manufacturing applications, and we also specialize in fast turnaround of custom replacement bearing solutions.

In addition, our Surface Modification division offers specialized treatments to improve outcomes in assembly, bonding and finish applications.

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