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Ask the Expert: Why is Bearing Testing Important? Part 1

November 8, 2016

Bearing testing is critical to manufacturers and suppliers

It’s really quite simple. The quality of your bearing materials has a direct impact on the success of your application. You need to be certain that your manufacturing materials offer the right properties to withstand the intended operating environment. But it’s also a good idea to validate that the materials you order are, in fact, the materials that you receive.

Today I want to share a common scenario for bearing testing and review some of the key reasons to include this step in your manufacturing.

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Why Test Polymers Before Manufacturing?

June 10, 2014

Why Test Polymers Before Manufacturing?Since the release of our white paper on tribology testing and counterfeit materials, we’ve had many calls about the process.  I wanted to quickly review why tribology polymer testing is important, and share a video on the topic.

Why should you consider tribology testing to verify and characterize polymers before manufacturing?

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Plastic Materials Testing and Rulon

February 25, 2014

Plastic Materials Testing and RulonMany of you are aware of the prevalence of counterfeit bearing materials on the market today; a topic that we covered in a recent blog post. Premium materials such as Rulon® are often copied, yet the counterfeit materials can pose a serious hazard to your manufacturing operations. Just as with any major purchase, we encourage a “Buyer Beware” philosophy; your best bet is to always contract with a trusted source.

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