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What is a fluoropolymer?

Posted by Dave Biering

November 13, 2012

This is a question that often appears on our Ask the Experts form.  In fact, we’ve produced a fluoropolymer video (at right) to help you compare and contrast the different materials.  Fluoropolymers are a family of materials that are based on an atomic structure around fluorine carbon.  Different variations can be formulated by adding or subtracting fluorine through other bonds such as chlorine, ethylenes and other chemical agents.

Fluoropolymers come in several forms:

  • Granulate
  • Melt-processable
  • Films
  • Paste
  • Dispersions

Fluoropolymers are lightweight and durable, and resist heat, moisture and chemicals.  To learn more about the varieties available and different processing techniques, watch our video or contact our technical team for more information.

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