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Composite Bearings Lead the Field for Agricultural Use

TriStar has become an integral part of the US farming industry.

Our bearings can be found on farming equipment from tillage to table — everything from field air seeders, tractors, and harvesters, to the hoppers and conveyor belts used in packaging. In fact, our Ultracomp bearings are known to outperform the competition by regularly lasting five to six seasons without being changed.

We know in agriculture, timing is everything. Your planting and harvesting schedules must be maintained, and that equipment breakdowns can cost you thousands of dollars in delays. That’s why TriStar bearings are built to last and are prized for their ability to:

  • Withstand pesticides and herbicides without moisture absorption
  • Self-lubricate for substantial savings on maintenance costs
  • Endure a harsh and dirty environment without breakdown
  • Resist corrosion for longer wear
  • Exceed compressive strength of over 54,000 psi

Ultracomp bearings meet all appropriate agricultural regulations, and excel in linear, oscillating and rotary applications. They are built from synthetic resins and reinforcing fibers, and are available in tube or sheet form. And Ultracomp bearings can be custom fabricated to your exact specifications.

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