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Fluoroloy H Dielectric Insulator Material

Posted by Dave Biering

December 7, 2009

Fluoroloy H Dielectric Insulator Material

Fluoroloy H, aka Rulon H, is an interesting combination of ceramics and PTFE. This unique dielectric material is used inside connectors for high power applications.

The Fluoroloy H material has a slightly better dielectric constant compared to standard Teflon but has a higher rate of thermal conductivity. This allows the heat being generated at the center conductor to transfer to the outer conductor more efficiently, which in turn increases the power level efficiencies of the connector.

The thermal conductivity of Fluoroloy H is 1.21 W/m C and virgin Teflon PTFE is 0.24 W/m C. Fluoroloy H is easy to machine, similar to virgin or glass filled PTFE. Available in rod, sheet and tape.

For improved dielectric properties as well as heat sink properties, Fluoroloy H from TriStar Plastics is a unique design option.

If you are interested, learn some more about fluoropolymers (see embedded video below) or if you have a question that's driving you crazy - Ask The Experts!

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