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Rulon® Bearing Selector Guide

Thrust Bearings

Rulon Thrust Bearing Diagram

Here are our standard Rulon thrust bearing sizes with their respective part numbers. Learn more about Rulon plane bearing products in general or view detailed technical specifications for all Rulon material formulations.

Reach out to our engineering experts or call us at 1-800-TRI-STAR to discuss your design requirements.

I.D. x O.D.
Rulon LR
Rulon J
1/4x3/8 .254 .625 .060 DRT-0410-2 DRJT-0410-2
3/8x3/4 .379 .750 .060 DRT-0612-2 DRJT-0612-2
1/2x1 .504 1.000 .060 DRT-0816-2 DRJT-0816-2
3/4x1-3/8 .755 1.375 1/8 DRT-1222-4*  DRJT-1222-4*
1x2 1.005 2.000 1/8 DRT-1632-4*  DRJT-1632-4*
1-1/2x3 1.506 3.000 1/8 DRT-2448-4*  DRJT-2448-4*
* i.d. and o.d. -.000 + .003