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    Composite Bearings Deliver Reliability along the Rails

TriStar composite bearings are engineered to excel - and are perfectly suited for the unique demands aboard rail systems. From constant vibration, dirt and grime, to weather and altitude extremes -TriStar bearings are designed with reliability in mind.

Our technology can be found in everything from brake beam calipers, to coupling components, undercarriages, and even rail wash systems. You’ll even find our UltraComp® bearings aboard the world's highest cog train - which chugs along at a mere 14,000 feet above sea level!

The key to longer wear?

Bearings that are self-lubricating can withstand constant motion and vibration. Composite bearings shine where steel cannot. We’ve replaced steel-on-steel with UltraComp in brake couplings for one transit client, which led to a significant extension in the unit’s wear. And since TriStar bearings are self-lubricating, they’ve been easier - and less costly - to maintain.

Need to know more? Our UltraComp bearings have been in consistent use by one rail system for years, and have surpassed the industry gold standard of 2 million miles - several times over - without a single service failure. See how we can customize a solution just for you!

Only UltraComp bearings promote railway reliability through:

  • Exceptional resistance to vibration and impact
  • Self-lubricating design for reduced maintenance
  • Compression strength exceeding 54,000 psi
  • Selection of tube, sheet or custom fabrication

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With TriStar composite bearings, the advantage is clear.

The TriStar Advantage

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