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    Composite Bearings for Food Safety & Packaging Speed

Safe handling and contamination control are driving forces in the food equipment industry, as consumers demand better accountability and mandates become more stringent.  Yet manufacturers also need to optimize operations and move perishables quickly from processing to packaging to purchase.  How can equipment manufacturers reduce the risk of food contamination while also improving production output?

TriStar’s self-lubricating composite and polymer bearings deliver for the food industry.

Engineered bearings excel in demanding food applications where sanitation and speed matter;  such as the mixers and proof carts of commercial bakeries; on the drills and ovens in poultry plants; and the fillers and conveyors of beverage bottlers.  As the exclusive supplier of Rulon® materials, we have a full-inventory of food-grade Rulon bearings in-stock — or available for custom fabrication to meet your exact requirements.

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Composite and polymer bearings outperform:

  • Self-lubricating design eliminates manual greasing for improved sanitation
  • Durable construction withstands abrasive food ingredients
  • Temperature tolerance from boiling oil to flash freeze
  • Dimensional stability even in wet beverage and sanitation baths
  • Food-contact compliance with appropriate industry mandates

Discover the benefits of Ultracomp®, CJ, Ertalyte® and other bearings in real-world food processing and packaging applications.

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