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On-Demand Educational Webinars

On-Demand Educational Webinars

These on-demand sessions cover topics ranging from selecting the right bearing material to calculating PV and much more.

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Coefficient of Friction Webinar

Coefficient of Friction

Learn all about friction, how to measure it, and it's importance in bearing design.

Rulon Materials Webinar

Rulon® Materials

A survey of key Rulon PTFE materials for bearing, seal and structural applications, including technical specs and examples.

CJ Bearings Webinar

CJ Bearing Family

Learn all about the CJ bearing family, including the history, composition, key technical specs and applications.

Ultracomp Webinar

Ultracomp® Materials

Learn about the various Ultracomp grades, including composition, key technical specs and applications.

TriSteel Webinar

TriSteel Bearings

Learn about the TriSteel family, with a focus on both liner and backing materials, key technical specs, and recent technology advances.

Bearing Design Webinar

Plane Bearing Design

An in-depth look at plane bearings, what they are, where they are used, and how they are designed.

Plastics 101

Plastics 101

A wide-ranging introduction to plastic materials, from the basic commodity grades to the specialized Imides.

Thermoplastics Webinar


Learn about thermoplastics, how they are created, and how they differ from thermoset plastics.

Thermosets Webinar


Learn about thermosets, how they are created, and how they differ from thermoplastics.

Bearing Failure Webinar

Why Do Metal Bearings Fail?

Learn about the many ways metal bearings can fail and what can be done to diagnose, prevent, and mitigate the damage.

Fluoropolymers Webinar


Learn all about Fluoropolymers, their history, characteristics, variants, and where and when to use them.

Ketones Webinar

Ketones (PEEK)

The Ketones (PEEKs) are a high-performance family of plastics designed to operate at 300°F and above.

Polyamide Imides Webinar

Polyamide Imides (Torlon®)

Polyamide-imides offer excellent high temp strength, chemical resistance and impact strength.

Machining Plastics Webinar

Machining Plastics

Machining plastics requires more care and attention than machining metals. Our webinar highlights some of the unique challenges involved.

Nylons Webinar


First produced in 1935, is used today in everything from aircraft components to robotics.

Understanding K Factor Webinar

Understanding K Factor

The wear (or K) factor relates bearing surface wear rate to the variables of pressure, velocity and time.

Acetals and Polyesters Webinar

Acetals and Polyesters

The acetals are versatile engineering plastics with excellent physical properties, chemical resistance, and cost value.

PEI and the Sulfones Webinar

PEI and the Sulfones

PEI and the Sulfones are amorphous, high-performance thermoplastics.

Polyolefins Webinar

The Polyolefins

Polyolefins are a class of polymer derived from ethyl or propyl monomers that are catalyzed with metal-containing catalysts.

Material Selection Webinar

Plane Bearing Design - Material Selection

This webinar highlights some of the key material selection criteria for bearing design.

Bonding Plastics Webinar

Bonding Plastics

Covers common materials and adhesive combinations and discusses tips for preparing surfaces, getting better bonds.

Pulp & Paper Industry Webinar

Pulp & Paper Industry

This webinar highlights some of the plastic and common materials that can increase throughput and reduce downtime.

Energy Industry Webinar

Energy Industry

In this webinar we cover key equipment used in all phases of oil and gas production - upstream, midstream and downstream.

Meldin Materials Webinar

Meldin High-Performance Materials

Each thermoset & thermoplastic grade is covered, with info about base polymers, fillers, and available shapes.