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Bearing Materials

TriStar offers a wide range of bearing materials that are ideal for non-lubricated, high-load applications.

Saint Gobain Materials

TriStar is the exclusive partner of Saint Gobain for Rulon materials in North America. 

Materials and Fabrication

Our capabilities include component design, material selection, prototype, production, and manufacturing.

Materials Database

Use our interactive database to search for and compare over 450 materials.


Surface Modification

Learn how our Enhanced Materials Divison (EMD) modifies existing materials to meet specific needs.



Since 1982 we have been combining the skills of TriStar’s engineering team, our extensive product line, and our deep understanding of a broad range of industries to bring you solutions to your most challenging engineering needs.

Problems / Solutions

Explore the common causes of bearing failure and learn how advanced polymer and composite bearings can address them.

Application Case Studies

Enhanced Materials Division (EMD)

EMD  positions TriStar Plastics as the leading resource to solve your demanding engineering material challenges.

Enhanced Materials Division (EMD)


View our library of engineering worksheets — the quickest way to communicate your project specs — or reach out to our engineering team.


Here are a few of our most popular online engineering tools - including our PV calc and material database (450+ materials).


Learn about our quality program and view our current ISO cert.


Technical Library

Our collection of case studies, product specs, brochures and other key technical documents.

Free White Papers

Our library of free-to-download white papers focus on industry-based solutions, specific materials, bearing design, and more...

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Deep Dives

These pillar pages provide in-depth information on bearings and problem/solutions for specific industires.

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More Resources

Our popular resources, including our monthly newsletters, blog, and our video library.

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About Us

TriStar Plastics Corp. provides engineering, custom fabrication and manufacturing of high-performance plastics and self-lubricating bearing materials. 


We're dedicated to building a company where opportunities exist for talented people to achieve their maximum potential.

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On-Demand Education Webinars

On-Demand Educational Webinars

These on-demand sessions cover topics ranging from selecting the right bearing material to calculating PV and much more.

Filter below and click on any thumbnail to start watching now.

Coefficient of Friction

Learn all about friction, how to measure it, and it's importance in bearing design.
(45 min.)

Rulon® Materials

A survey of key Rulon PTFE materials for bearing, seal and structural applications, including technical specs and examples.
(45 min.)

CJ Bearing Family

Learn all about the CJ bearing family, including the history, composition, key technical specs and applications. Includes information about the CJ, FCJ, and Super CJ variants.
(43 min.)

Ultracomp® Materials

Ultracomp is self-lubricating, easy to machine, has exceptional resistance to vibration and impact. Learn about the various Ultracomp grades, including composition, key technical specs and applications. 
(48 min.)

TriSteel Bearings

Learn about the TriSteel family, with a focus on both liner and backing materials, key technical specs, recent technology advances, and application examples. 
(35 min.)

Plane Bearing Design

An in-depth look at plane bearings, what they are, where they are used, and how they are designed. Topics include key engineering specifications, comparisons of common materials, and application examples.
(59 min.)

Plastics 101

A wide-ranging introduction to plastic materials, from the basic commodity grades to the specialized Imides. Includes key properties, design considerations, and application examples.
(56 min.)


Learn all about theromoplastics, how they are created and manipulated, advantages and disadvantages, how they differ from thermoset plastics, and see examples of their uses.
(49 min.)


An introduction to thermoset plastics - plastic materials that, once melted, formed, and cooled to a finished shape, cannot be reformed. Learn how they are produced, their benefits and drawbacks, and common applications.
(34 min.)

Why Do Metal Bearings Fail?

Learn about the many ways metal bearings can fail and what can be done to diagnose, prevent, and mitigate the damage. Topics include: metal bearing types, lubrication issues, excessive loading, corrosion, brinelling, and Babbitt bearing failure.
(36 min.)


Learn all about Fluoropolymers, their history, characteristics, variants, and where and when to use them. Includes information about their manufacture, and specific examples of their usage.
(59 min.)

Ketones (PEEK)

The Ketones (PEEKs) are a high-performance family of plastics designed to operate at 300°F and above. Learn about the most common formulations, and see key specs and real-world application examples.
(35 min.)

Polyamide Imides (Torlon®)

Polyamide-imides are a family of materials that offer excellent high temperature strength, low temperature toughness, excellent chemical resistance and impact strength. Learn about common applications and their advantages/disadvantages.
(42 min.)

Machining Plastics

Machining plastics requires more care and attention than machining metals. Our webinar highlights some of the unique challenges involved and provides tips for drilling, milling, turning, and sawing various materials. 
(47 min.)


First produced in 1935, Nylon was originally used for toothbrush bristles and women's stockings. Today it is used in everything from aircraft components to robotics. In this webinar we discuss the common (and not so common) variants of Nylon, their applications and production methods. 
(48 min.)

Understanding K Factor

The wear (or K) factor relates bearing surface wear rate to the variables of pressure, velocity and time. The lower the K factor, the greater the wear resistance. This is a valuable metric when determining what bearing material is right for your application but it's more of an informational tool and many people aren't familar with it. We explain how it works and why it's useful.
(29 min.)

Acetals and Polyesters

This webinar covers the acetals, versatile engineering plastics with excellent physical properties, good inherent wear, generally good chemical resistance, good operating temperature range, and excellent cost value. Topics include: History of acetal, homopolymers vs. copolymers, the bearing grades, key metrics and industries/applications.
(43 min.)

PEI and the Sulfones

PEI and the Sulfones are amorphous, high-performance thermoplastics. Materials covered include Polyetherimide (PEI, Ultem®) , Polysulfone (PS), Polyphenylsulfone – PPSU (Radel®), Polyethersulfone – PES (PESU), and Polyphenylene Sulfide – PPS. Includes: Composition, benefits, industries and applications, and a question and answer period.
(32 min.)

The Polyolefins

Polyolefins are a class of polymer derived from ethyl or propyl monomers that are catalyzed with metal-containing catalysts. Today the olefins represent over 60% of the plastic material used in modern life and are used to make a huge variety of products - including plastic bottles, medical implants and Lego bricks. In this webinar we cover history, composition, benefits/drawbacks, and applications.

Plane Bearing Design - Material Selection

When selecting materials for bearing design, there are many factors to consider but there are some basics that are always in the mix. This webinar covers some of those key selection criteria. Topics include: Temperature, coefficient of thermal expansion, P, V, and PV, environmental factors, friction and wear considerations, and cost.

Bonding Plastics

All plastic materials can be bonded to any substrate with the proper preparation and adhesive selection. This webinar covers common materials and adhesive combinations and discusses tricks and tips for preparing surfaces, getting better bonds, and removing bonds.

Industry - Pulp & Paper

The pulp and paper industry provides many unique challenges for engineers. The conditions throughout the process can be extreme, with problems such as metal contamination of source materials and harsh chemicals damaging equipment being two prime examples. This webinar highlights some of the plastic and common materials that can increase throughput and reduce downtime.

Industry - Energy

One of the largest industries in the world, oil/gas makes use of complex, specialized equipment across the entire supply chain. In this webinar we cover key equipment used in all phases of oil and gas production - upstream, midstream and downstream - and demonstrate how TriStar's advanced materials address some of the unique engineering challenges encountered in this space. We also cover alternative energy solutions.

Designing With Meldin® High Performance Materials

This webinar provides an introduction to the full range of Meldin® materials. Each thermoset and thermoplastic grade is covered, with information about the base polymers, fillers, and available shapes. Key properties of these materials are discussed along with application examples.
(50 min.)