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TriStar University - Surface Modification Video

An Introduction to TriStar Plastics' Surface Modification Division Video

This 23 minute video is a very comprehensive look at exactly what surface modification for polymers and elastomers can do for you.

Because Polymer devices and materials can be difficult to bond, paint, coat or make wettable, the surface modification division (SMD) was created by TriStar in order to provide new and existing customers with the ability to modify the surface of their devices and materials in an efficient cost-effective, and environmentally responsible manner.

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TriStar Univerity -Rulon Materials Video

Rulon Materials Presentation Video

This 40 minute video is an in-depth introduction to Rulon® materials. Rulon is a trade name for a large family of PTFE materials. Rulon is manufactured by Saint-Gobain and TriStar is the exclusive North American distributor for these products.

In this video we discuss the history of the Rulon product, the most common variants, and specific applications for these products.  In addition, we provide some technical guidelines that will help you determine which Rulon product might be right for your application.

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TriStar Univerity - Machining Plastics Slide Deck

Machining Plastics SeminarTSU-Slide-Button.png

This 44 slide presentation serves as an introduction to plastic machining techniques and best practices. Learn about the relative machinability of various polymers and specific techniques for drilling, turning, and cutting operations.

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TriStar Univerity - Bonding Plastics Slide Deck

Bonding Plastics SeminarTSU-Slide-Button.png

This 13 slide presentation covers bonding plastics, including information about adhesives, cleaning, and techniques for improving bond strength..

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