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Meldin 5350 Spec Sheet

DOWNLOAD LINK Meldin 5350 Spec Sheet
ASSET TYPE Spec Sheets
Meldin® 5350 from Omniseal Solutions™ stands out for its exceptional wear resistance and low friction properties, making it an optimal choice for components such as bearings and piston rings. This PEEK material operates efficiently across a wide temperature range of -80° to +260°C (-112° to +500°F). Key properties include a tensile strength of up to 138 MPa (20,000 psi) and a flexural strength of 211 MPa (30,600 psi) at room temperature. Additionally, Meldin® 5350 maintains strong performance characteristics at elevated temperatures, with a melting point of 343°C (650°F) and a glass transition temperature of 143°C (290°F). Its low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent thermal conductivity ensure stability and functionality under dynamic conditions, making it highly suitable for high-performance industrial applications.

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