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Meldin 7022 DF Spec Sheet

DOWNLOAD LINK Meldin 7022 DF Spec Sheet
ASSET TYPE Spec Sheets
Meldin® 7022 Direct Formed is engineered to deliver superior mechanical and thermal properties for demanding applications. This datasheet provides a comprehensive look at its performance metrics, including a tensile strength of 8,700 psi (60.0 MPa) and compressive strength of 17,800 psi (123 MPa). It also offers exceptional high-temperature dimensional stability and is classified with the highest flammability ratings (UL94 V-0, 5VA). With its low thermal expansion rate, Meldin® 7022 is ideal for applications requiring robust, dimensionally stable materials that can withstand both high temperatures and mechanical stresses. The material meets stringent industry standards such as ASTM D 6456-99, SAE AMS 3644G, and MIL-R-46198, making it suitable for aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications.

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