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Pulp & Paper Industry

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The pulp and paper industry provides many unique challenges for engineers. The conditions throughout the process can be extreme, with problems such as metal contamination of source materials and harsh chemicals damaging equipment being two prime examples. There are, however, plastic and composite materials that shine in these conditions. This webinar highlights some of these products and discusses the ways in which they increase throughput and reduce downtime.

Highlights include

  • Overview of key processes and their unique pain points and material challenges.
  • Examples of specific equipment that can benefit from replacing standard bearings or components with  specialized plastic or composite materials.
  • Question and answer period

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Webinar Length: 30 Minutes

webinar-reg-page-thumb-dbDave Biering is our Vice President of technical Sales and has been with TriStar for nearly 30 years. For 44 years he has been involved in the appliction of polymers and composite used for self-lubricating bearings, seals, and structural components.

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