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Composite Bearings Perform in Military Applications

When the mission is critical, the bearing is TriStar.

Leading military contractors and manufacturers look to us for the best in precision engineering and custom fabrication so they can build the finest defense equipment possible.

Our bearings are prized for their durability and longevity, and because they are self-lubricating, our troops can spend less time on regular greasing and maintenance, and more time on mission.

When the quality of the equipment can literally mean the difference between life and death, TriStar bearings outperform.

You’ll find us where precision counts the most:

  • On the bomb release mechanisms of military planes
  • On the control systems of surface-to-air missiles 
  • Aboard the radio towers of field vehicles 
  • Within the suspension systems of transportation systems

We’ve designed our CJ, Ultracomp®, TriSteel™ and Rulon® bearings  to withstand the most adverse of combat environments, from rugged desert terrain to icy ocean waters — and everywhere in between. Our bearings are an ideal replacement for steel and bronze, and provide exceptional resistance to the constant vibration and impact of an active battle zone.

With our stock shapes, custom components and Enhanced Materials, TriStar is proud to serve.

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