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Meldin® 5000 Series | PEEK/PAEK

Meldin® 5000 Series

Components made with Meldin® 5000 series (PAEK and PEEK-based compounds) have several advantages over metals, machined ceramics and other costly machined materials, with the ease and convenience of thermoplastics.

Having a high tensile, compressive and flexural strength, Meldin® 5000 materials are injection molded into tight-tolerance finished components in simple or complex designs that can exhibit metal-like finishes without expensive machining or secondary operations, and with the advantages of being lighter and corrosion resistant.

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Meldin® 5000 Series Grades

Grade Description

Meldin® 5001

Offers superior strength in structural applications when electrical insulation combined with intricate part design is required. The melt characteristics of MELDIN® 5001 material allow for fine detail, regardless of part complexity.

Meldin® 5055

Low-friction, wear-resistant bearings custom molded from MELDIN® 5055 compound perform at high loads and high temperatures with minimal deformation. MELDIN® 5055 is self-lubricating operates quietly, and is resistant to most chemicals and fluids.

Meldin® 5330

Specify MELDIN® 5330 when part requirements include structural integrity and high resistance to thermal expansion. This material exhibits good wear properties and dimensional stability, making it an excellent candidate for bearing applications.

Meldin® 5320

Meldin® 5320 components supply substantial strength and rigidity. They maintain high tensile, flexural, and compressive properties, even at elevated temperatures.