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Meldin® 3100 Series | Bearing Grade Polyetherimide 

Meldin® 3100

Meldin® 3100 bearing grade materials have excellent mechanical properties in tension and compression and maintain an impressive level of these attributes as operating temperatures increase.

These properties add extreme strength and rigidity to component parts, even in narrow cross-section.

Meldin® 3100 components are manufactured by an injection molding process, which allows for close tolerances without the complication and cost of secondary machining.

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Meldin® 3100 Series Grades

Grade Description

Meldin® 3110

This bearing formulation has a very low coefficient of friction and is particularly well suited for use with soft mating surface materials such as aluminum and soft stainless steel.

Meldin® 3120

An excellent multi-purpose, wear resistant material that is suitable for bearing, thrust washer, and piston ring applications. It also has a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Meldin® 3130

This grade provides good strength and stiffness in addition to excellent high velocity performance. Can be used with both hard and soft mating surfaces.

Meldin® 3140

An ideal thrust washer material and is well suited for thrust washer applications. Its high strength and stiffness, combined with its excellent heat dissipation properties, make it an excellent choice for high pressure loading applications.