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Meldin® 1000 Series | PPS Resin Base

Meldin® 1000

Meldin® 1000 materials exhibit excellent chemical and thermal resistance, have good dimensional stability, and maintain structural integrity, providing design versatility.

Meldin® 1000 materials are processed by injection molding and available as finished parts.

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Meldin® 1000 Series Grades

Grade Description

Meldin® 1003

Offers the highest level of strength and rigidity for this product family. Meldin® 1003 components maintain high chemical, tensile, and flexural properties even at elevated temperatures.

Meldin® 1277

Specify this grade when the product requirements call for structural integrity and low deformation. This material also exhibits good electrical insulative properties and dimensional stability.

Meldin® 1357

Offers the lowest wear rate and coefficient of friction, which makes it the best candidate for tribological applications. In addition, its self-lubricating properties allow it to operate quietly in dry operating environments.

Meldin® 1380

For use with soft mating surfaces that gall easily, such as stainless steel or aluminum. Meldin® 1380 also complies with the FDA Title 21 CFR regulations for contact with articles intended for repeated use in contact with food