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Advanced Materials Innovate in Medical Applications

The burgeoning medical field poses all new challenges for the plastics industry.

...And TriStar leads the way in manufacturing plastic components for enhanced patient outcomes. Our clients supply the leaders in the medical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries, and we’ve helped them realize the cost and yield benefits of altering plastic material for a variety of scientific applications.

Did you know?

TriStar was the first to use surface modification to alter PEEK and PVC materials to accept timed-release medications used in surgery and recovery? And that our engineers have improved the molecular adhesion of microplates and microfludic devices used in cell generation?

We’ve also applied our surface modification techniques to the following devices:

  • Pharmaceutical - Drug delivery and storage
  • Biotechnology - Micro-arrays, micro-fluidics, MEMs
  • Optical - Polycarbonate, glass, CR39, TrivexTM, PMMA, films, and depositions

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