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TriStar is rolling out a suite of cutting-edge products to achieve specific technical outcomes. We have primers, adhesives, and innovative materials specially engineered for the most demanding applications.

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Our unique adhesive products unify materials through millions of tiny chemical interactions that result massive macro binding bulk properties. The type of pre-mixed adhesive we will recommend can vary due to bonding substrates, service function or process.

The delivery of the adhesive to the material can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Some examples include: In a solvent or aqueous, as a hotmelt, or as a thin film.

A few Examples of the Adhesive Systems we Offer

  • Water based adhesives systems
  • Epoxy systems
  • Urethane systems
  • Phenolic
  • Cyanoacrylate
  • Just to name a few…
We also provide:
  • Custom adhesive development
  • Raw material development
  • Adhesive analysis

TriStar Innovative Adhesives in Practice

TriStar’s adhesive labs developed a hot-melt, moisture-cure adhesive to bond polyethene slip plates for a major rail transportation system. The challenge was to securely bond the polyethene to metal so that the dissimilar materials would remain tenaciously bound in a wide range of temperatures. The adhesive we formulated was finalized after a sustained period of testing and adjustment.

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When the material needs more bonding (chemical interaction) the primer serves as a handshake between the material and the adhesive. We offer standard primer types, including urethanes and methacrylics, and can custom formulate mixtures to promote specific results.

A few Examples of the Innovative Primers we Offer

  • RTV silicone to ridged polymer
  • Cyanoacrylate primer
  • Peroxide cure over-molding primer
  • Polydimethylsilicone primer for cyanoacrylate bonding
  • ...We also offer custom priming systems

TriStar Innovative Primers in Practice

TriStar’s adhesive labs developed a priming system for a peroxide-cure silicone rubber over-mold operation. The primer was developed and tested, and ultimately proved to better than anything else readily available for the automotive application it was intended for.

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We offer asymmetric and symmetric polyether sulfone membranes and glass membranes which are most often specified for water filtration applications. Some common uses are for food processing and residential water treatment plants.

Polysulfone allows easy manufacturing of membranes, with reproducible properties and controllable size of pores down to 40 nanometres. Such membranes can be used in applications like hemodialysis, waste water recovery, food and beverage processing, and gas separation.

These polymers are also used in the automotive and electronic industries. Filter cartridges made from polysulfone membranes offer extremely high flow rates at very low differential pressures when compared with nylon or polypropylene media.

Polysulfone can also be used as filtration media in filter sterilization.

A few Examples of the Membranes we Offer

We offer membranes with a variety of styles, pore sizes and applications. Some filter media polymers we sell are:

  • PTFE
  • PES
  • PVDF
  • Nylon
  • PP
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Through our own research as well as contacts with industry suppliers, we often encounter innovative materials that may not even have fully been brought to market yet. This gives us the ability to bring cutting-edge technology to applications that may have very specific performance requirements.

This can also include standard materials that we have improved through the various technologies we specialize in (plasma treatment, coatings etc.).

A few Examples of the Types of Specialized Materials we Offer

  • Superhydrophobic or hydrophilic materials for improved lubricity or wettability.
  • Materials with coatings that dramatically enhance the bond strength between dissimilar materials (e.g., stainless/rubber, wood/plastic, PTFE/Steel).
  • Polymer blends combined with processing that dramatically improve wear and friction.
  • Materials with resin additives that change physical strength, improve static dissipation values, lower friction and add life.
  • Materials created using new nanotechnologies that extend polymers into a new level of performance
  • Manipulation of certain resins to go beyond what NASA scientists said could be done – we did it!

TriStar innovates with materials, processes and additive technology and there are very few directions we won’t take to get our customers to their ultimate product.

TriStar’s Specialized Materials in Practice

Here’s an example where we came up with a new material to meet very specific requirements. This was a high-pressure seal application where we had to do some material manipulation through processing to improve the life expectancy of the end product. This was a matter of controlling everything from the raw material, to compounding, to processing, and finally machining. The result was consistently uniform performance in a critical military component.

Please contact us to inquire about our specific material offerings.