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Bonding Plastics

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All plastic materials can be bonded to any substrate with the proper preparation and adhesive selection. This webinar covers common materials and adhesive combinations and discusses tricks and tips for getting better bonds.

Highlights include

  • Adhesive systems used for plastic bonding
  • Bonding tips for common plastics, including ABS, PC/PMMA, PA, Acetal, PET/PBT, PEEK, Rulon, and more...
  • Preparing surfaces for bonding
  • Removing bonds
  • Improving bond strength with plasma surface modification
  • Question and answer period

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Webinar Length: 47 Minutes

webinar-reg-page-thumb-dbDave Biering is our Vice President of technical Sales and has been with TriStar for nearly 30 years. For 44 years he has been involved in the appliction of polymers and composite used for self-lubricating bearings, seals, and structural components.

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