• Rulon J

    Rulon® J │ Lowest Coefficient of Friction

One of the original Rulon compounds, Rulon J is a reinforced material that combines the best in wear and friction properties with superior value.  Gold colored, Rulon J uses a unique filler that adds temperature stability for enhanced wear.  It is considered a “shaft-friendly” compound and operates well against soft mating surfaces such as 316 stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, brass and other plastics.

Rulon J has a PV rating of 7500; which is one of the lowest of all PTFE-reinforced materials.  It is ideally suited for start/stop applications where stick/slip must be eliminated. It is not recommended in steam or otherwise wet environments.

When you want low maintenance, self-lubrication, and the lowest coefficient of friction of any PTFE blend, consider Rulon J.  

Choose Rulon J for:

  • Low maintenance
  • Self-lubrication
  • Wash down and caustic resistance
  • Superior dry friction
  • Eliminates stick/slip


Dull Gold


Max Load "P" (psi) Mpa: 750/5.2
Max Speed "V" (fpm) m/s: 400/2.0
Max "PV" (psi-fpm) (Mpa × m/s): 7,500/0.26

Mating Surface Steel and Stainless Steel

Rb25 and higher


Dry, vacuum

Relative Rating (1=Low, 5=High)

Coefficient of friction: 1
Creep resistance: 3
Insulative property: Yes

Rod and Tube

Extruded up to 10' long
Molded up to 12" long
Extruded 2" max O.D.
Molded 47" max O.D.
Precision grinding or machining available for some sizes

Sheet and Tape

Tape 38" width max skived up to 1/4" thick
Molded up to 24" x 3" thick; max thickness 3"
Precision grinding or machining available on thickness


Contact district sales manager
Full machining capabilities available

Automatic Molding

Custom bearings
Components, near-net


Rods and tubes
Specialty profiles

Hand Molding

Rod, sheet, and tube


Custom machined parts


Tapes and thin sheet

Stamping and forming

Bearings and glides

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