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A Legacy of Engineered Plastics and Innovation

From humble beginnings in the early 1980’s to present day industry leader, TriStar Plastics Corp. has earned a solid reputation for plastics engineering innovation, and remains a proud partner to the top manufacturing companies in the military, marine, medical, construction, agriculture, and railroad industries. 

In 1982, CEO Richard Cedrone founded TriStar in Worcester, Massachusetts, a bustling manufacturing city 45 miles west of Boston. 

Current president, David Mello, joined the team in 1990 and soon established the fabrication and manufacturing divisions; enabling TriStar to provide a continuum of services from prototype right through to production. 

A team was rapidly built and the company’s reputation strongly developed. In 1992, TriStar opened its new corporate office in Shrewsbury, MA.  This allowed management to not only expand its physical base, but also expand its vision for the growing plastics engineering company.

The company also began a round of acquisitions to support a national clientele; adding branches in Florida (1985), North Carolina (1988), California (1993), Chicago (2006) and Texas (2011).  In addition, it established manufacturing of the Ultracomp Bearing line (1997) and the manufacturing of the CJ Bearing line (2006). And with the purchase of a surface sciences company, TriStar pioneered the concept of chemically altering plastic materials for enhanced surface modification

In 2012, the company earned the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) 9001:2008 certification for implementing quality management systems for the custom fabrication and manufacturing of composite self-lubricating bearing materials.

Today, TriStar boasts dedicated employees, including sales, marketing, and manufacturing professionals, and engineers.  Together, they embody The TriStar Advantage of uniting education, science, materials, prototype, production and partnership to deliver the finest plastic bearings and engineered components in the market.

With over a thirty year legacy of developing and manufacturing plastic components — and a growing surface modification division — TriStar Plastics Corp. combines a solid foundation with a clear vision for the future.

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