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    Composite Bearings offer Long Wear & Grease-Free Maintenance

Equipment uptime is critical in heavy-duty construction, where delays can quickly escalate to millions of dollars in cost overruns. And TriStar bearings help to ensure that back-hoes, tractors, excavators and other massive earth movers run at optimum performance at all times.

The secret?

Stainless steel substrates  – we are the only plastics company to manufacture them. Known as TriSteel™ bearings, they are located in the gear pumps of primary earth movers, and help to maximize engine and hydraulic system performance.

How do they work? 

TriSteels are built from a proprietary polymer and are sintered to a secondary bronze interlayer. This extra layer ensures that the gear pumps are continually lubricated should a liner break-thru occur. And unlike other bearings, TriSteel uses a PEEK instead of PV application, which significantly improves overall wear.

TriSteel bearings excel in construction:

  • Two layers of self-lubricating polymer to maintain equipment in the event of wear-thru
  • Extended wear to save on maintenance costs
  • Ideal replacement for bronze bushings
  • Choice of standard or metric dimensions for a custom fit

We can help you match the right material to your application by evaluating the speed, load, temperature and lubrication of your hardware. And we’ll do it all at a competitive value.

The TriStar Advantage

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