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TriStar Plastics Corp.
Volume 14 Issue 2

Introducing: The Essential Guide to Machining Plastic Materials

Custom Plastic Fabrication: Get the Machining Guide

When it comes to custom fabrication, there is simply no comparison between machining metal and machining plastic.

Metals retain their shape as they are cut and milled, while plastics can expand up to five times their original dimension― as you work on them. How can a metal machine shop adjust to machining plastics?  What are the top techniques to achieving custom plastic fabrication?   TriStar, the leader in engineered plastic components, has the answers ― and we’re sharing our expertise.

Grab your copy of our new technical paper, Machining Plastics: The Essential Guide to Materials, Tools and Techniques to explore:

  • Cost vs. performance in plastic material selection
  • Expansion rates
  • Tool selection
  • Proven, custom plastic fabrication techniques:
    • Heat control
    • Turning operations
    • Threading and tapping 
    • Milling and cutting
    • Sawing and coolants
  • Best practices for machining plastics and composites

Machining Plastics: The Essential Guide to Materials, Tools and Techniques is the go-to-guide for mastering the art of custom plastic fabrication. Should you decide to outsource your machining, we’ve got you covered with a superior team of machinists and a complete in-house shop designed to deliver the best engineered plastic components (see the video).

Experience the TriStar Advantage for custom fabrication by requesting a quote!