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Retrofitting with Ultrasert

June 5, 2012

Our Ultrasert bearings have been receiving excellent reviews as a replacement for standard spherical inserts, as they are durable, long-lasting and resist abrasives. They excel in high-impact and vibration applications like timber handling, and in the immersion conditions of water and sewage treatment plants. 

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Q&A: I am looking for a composite bearing that is easily interchangeable with a standard spherical insert. Can you offer a suggestion?

April 26, 2011

Consider our Ultrasert bearing, which is readily available off the shelf in several grades and sizes.  It is self-lubricating, low maintenance and gives long wear combined with good impact and vibration resistance.  We’ve placed Ultraserts in food and beverage applications, timber and water treatments applications, and in conveyor systems.  Ultraserts can resist most caustic wash downs, chemical immersion and dry abrasives.

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Q & A: What plastics do you recommend for food processing and packaging?

October 27, 2010

This is an interesting question.  First, we need to look at the diversity of polymers and consider your application.  The temperature of the application is a huge factor, too. UHMW, PET and Nylon are common materials used on star wheels, guide blocks and wear strips on conveyor belts, but they have a limited temperature range, which can be difficult to design with.  There are also lots of thermal variables to consider.

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