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Recognizing Quality in PTFE Materials

September 29, 2009

Molecular weight and crystallinity are two factors in PTFE that determine many of it's performance qualities. Both of these properties are highly dependant on the sintering operation of the PTFE production. If the material is cooked (sintered) too long or at too high a temperature it can degrade the polymer. Molecular weight is a measure of the polymer chain length and it affects flex life, tensile strength and elongation. As molecular weight increases so do these properties and paying attention to gel temperatures and dwell times during sintering is extra critical.

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Rulon 142

February 2, 2009

Rulon 142 is an excellent material for high load, high speed linear guideway liners for machine tools. Commonly used as an inexpensive insurance policy to possible lube failures on machines, Rulon 142 is bonded to the dynamic component on the X-Y-Z tables of some of the world's leading machinery builders. Rulon 142 is also an excellent material for rebuilding machine tools where the efficiency and tolerances have been lost over time. Easy to install using CE211 or CE211FC adhesives available from stock. Rulon 142 is commonly used as an cost effective alternate to Turcite B and is fabricated using the same techniques. For more information on Rulon 142, visit and check out our Shooting Star Archives for a number of articles on Rulon and more!
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