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Bearings for Food Processing: Rulon 641 is in Hot Oil

October 9, 2014

Bearings for Food Processing: Rulon 641 is in Hot Oil When a major producer of industrial frying equipment called with a special request for a hot-oil circulation pump bearing, we knew Rulon 641 would be the proven winner for this tough application. As a longtime partner with food processing and food packaging equipment makers, the TriStar team was able to quickly provide the stock material needed to keep the oil moving and the potato chips crisp!

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Electronics LCD Bearings: Rulon J Hits the Big Screen

June 19, 2014

Electronics LCD Bearings: Rulon J Hits the Big ScreenQ: How do Rulon J bearings perform in high-temperature ovens?  Our company produces LCD panels and needs a superior bearing for an extremely hot and dry manufacturing environment with inert gas.

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Food Conveyors Bearings: Rulon Removes the Squeak

June 12, 2014

Food Conveyors Bearings: Rulon Removes the SqueakWe’re all familiar with the phrase “The squeaky wheel gets the grease….,” but in this case, TriStar was able to solve the case of the squeaky wheel in a food processing application without any grease ― just self-lubricating bearings!

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Rulon Bearings: How to Recognize Genuine and Avoid Counterfeit!

May 16, 2014

Rulon Bearings White PaperIt’s here - our latest Rulon® White Paper!

Did you know that not all bearing materials are created equally - not even those sold under the same brand name?  The truth is that there’s a flood of low-quality, counterfeit bearing materials being sold under the Rulon® brand name.  For most manufacturers it can be difficult to decipher genuine materials from counterfeit, yet counterfeit materials can be devastating to your application.

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Rulon Bearings: A Review of Common Formulas

April 17, 2014

Rulon 641 is FDA-cleared for use in food and pharmaceutical applicationsRulon® is one of the materials that we are asked about most often.  While there are over 300 unique formulas of this material, today we’ll review some of the most-common formulas.  No matter which formula your application requires, you should expect a versatile, self-lubricating, and low-friction material for bearings, seals, gaskets and structural components. 

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