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Composite Bearings: Design Specs vs. Performance

March 19, 2015

Composite Bearings: Design Specs vs. Performance

Our last blog post about Bearing Guide Specs vs. Actual Performance prompted many follow-up questions. Today we’ll review composite bearings in a marine application as an example of closely evaluating bearing guide specs vs. actual performance. As we mentioned, it is critical to look beyond bearing guide data to predict the field performance of a material.

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America’s Cup and High-Performance Plastics

September 17, 2013

America’s Cup and High-Performance PlasticsReading a recent article about the America’s Cup in Plastics News, I was drawn to this sentence:

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Q&A Which plane bearings do you recommend for a wet or submerged application?

August 13, 2013

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Composite Marine Bearings Prevent Corrosion

August 6, 2013

Composite marine bearings prevent corrosion It is a universal challenge facing nautical engineers ―finding a bearing that is strong and seaworthy, yet will not corrode over time.   We’ve received many calls over the years from designers looking for alternatives to steel and bronze.  While these materials are durable, they have a tendency to rust and corrode from exposure to salt water spray and fog.  Polyester is another material that has been tried with mixed results. 

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Ultracomp Composite Bearings: 5 Reasons Why They Excel in Marine Applications

July 30, 2013

Ultracomp for marine applications
  1. Ultracomp has received the American Board of Shipping’s Product Design Assessment Certification for use above and below the water line.  The classification includes onboard, dockside, and offshore marine applications.
  2. They use a low-friction PTFE lubricant which is compatible with soft-mating marine hardware, and is not impacted by corrosive salt water environments. 
  3. Built from synthetic resins and reinforcing fibers, Ultracomp bearings are durable and excel in linear, oscillating and rotary applications.  Read about them in marine cranes.
  4. Ultracomp is an excellent choice for wet or dry, dirty or clean applications, and where loads exceed all other non-metallic bearing materials.
  5. To ensure just the right fit, Ultracomp is available in tube or sheet form, or can be custom fabricated.
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Bow Plane Bearings Reduce Wake Generation

July 23, 2013

Bow plane bearings reduce wake generationWe recently collaborated on an exciting new technology with a group of nautical engineers.  The team was developing a new bow plane for sailing craft, with the goal of reducing wake generation to preserve coastal shorelines.  The project resulted in an all-new underwater wing set for the bow.  The bow bearing is contained in a composite housing and changes the way the bow rides in the water to reduce wake generation.

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TriStar and Rulon: “The Bearings of Summer"

June 25, 2013

Rulon for rollercoastersRulon bearings excel in marine, fishing and amusement park applications

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Ultracomp bearings for shipping and marine applications

February 21, 2012

Our team has lots of experience with bearings for the marine industry, from dock and deckside, to offshore drilling and other marine applications.  In many cases, we recommend our CJ or FCJ bearings, which are among the best materials to replace bronze bushings. 

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Metal bearings for a marine application?

July 19, 2011

As a general rule, metal bearings and salt water are not a good combination.  Constant exposure to salt and spray will eventually cause steel and bronze components to corrode and fail, requiring frequent replacement.  With boating season and water sports now in high gear, consider the advantages of polymer bearings in a salt water application.

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