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Choosing a Custom Bearing Manufacturer: 5 Tips for Finding a Good One

September 5, 2017

Choosing a Custom Bearing Manufacturer: 5 Tips for Finding a Good One

“Machining plastic is completely different from machining metal."

This is one of the first comments we hear from clients looking for a plastic custom bearing manufacturer. Between the challenges of melting, creeping, and expansion, machining plastic requires skill and experience for best results. If you choose to outsource your plastic machining, it’s critical to carefully vet potential vendors. We recommend following these 5 tips.

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Plastic Bearing Selection: How do I submit project specifications?

September 16, 2014

Bearing Design Worksheet from TriStar PlasticsThere’s a lot to consider when it comes to selecting plastic bearing materials; in fact the process can be downright overwhelming. For instance, the Rulon family alone has over 300 unique formulas in just a single product category. And each formula has unique characteristics for use in specialized applications. With all of these options, how can you identify the best material and submit the right information for a quote? Our advice is simple:

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Food Processing, Custom Plastic Fabrication & Frying – Oh my!

July 17, 2014

1)	Food Processing, Custom Plastic Fabrication & Frying – Oh my!Have you obtained your free copies of our Food Processing and Food Packaging technical white papers?   Here you’ll learn how food manufacturers are increasing production levels and improving safety ― simply by replacing traditional metal and bronze bearings with durable, value-driven composites and polymers.

Another unique food bearing challenge recently came through our custom fabrication shop when we developed Ultraflon components for a brand new French fry machine. 

Here’s how:

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Custom Bearings for Peanut Processing

July 10, 2014

Custom Bearings for Peanut ProcessingThe food industry has unique demands for bearing applications; from strict safety regulations to compatibility with sanitation chemicals - we’ve even produced several technical papers for food manufacturers on the subject.  But when it comes to processing fresh foods, there’s the added pressure of an accelerated harvest schedule.  There’s simply no time for a bearing failure or breakdown, and not all bearings can maintain the intense, 24/7 equipment demands.  Custom-fabricated Ertalyte TX bearings are the exception, and have given a major peanut processor the perfect replacement for brass and stainless steel bearings.  

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Trilon Modified UHMW – Ideal for Custom Components

April 10, 2014

Trilon AR and FRA question was recently posted to our portal asking about Trilon as a custom component.  Trilon is a modified-UHMW that gives superior wear in highly-abrasive environments. The material is available in variety of formulas, and can be fabricated in the field, or easily customized in-house using carbide or diamond tools.  Trilon excels in industries where durability and longevity matter; including mining, pulp and paper, and timber handling.  Explore our Railroad White Paper to review how custom Trilon FR components delivered superior fire resistance to a mass transit system.

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