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Benefits of Plasma Cleaning

  • Remove organic contaminants by chemical reaction (O2) or physical ablation (Argon plasma)
  • Eliminate the use of chemical solvents as well as storage and disposal of solvent waste
  • Clean surfaces with microscale porosity or microchannels not suitable for solvent cleaning due to surface tension limitations
  • Render most surfaces hydrophilic; decrease water droplet contact angle and increase surface wettability
  • Promote adhesion and enhance bonding to other surfaces
  • Prepare surface for subsequent processing (e.g. printing, painting, coating, potting)
  • Clean surface without affecting the bulk properties of the material
  • Can treat a wide variety of materials as well as complex surface geometries; examples include:
    • Semiconductor wafers and substrates (Si, Ge)
    • Glass slides and substrates
    • Optics and optical fibers
    • Oxides (quartz, indium tin oxide (ITO), TiO2, Al2O3); mica
    • Gold and metal surfaces
    • Atomic force microscopy (AFM) cantilever tips

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