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Plastic Bearings for the Food Industry: All the Ingredients

Posted by Dave Biering

Nov 20, 2014 9:30:00 AM

Food Industry and Plastic Bearings:  All the Ingredients As we approach the holiday season of food and friendship, this week on Tech Talk we wanted to showcase food bearings and plastic bearings for the food industry. From planting and harvesting equipment, to processing drills, packaging conveyors (see them in action!) and even on the refrigerated trucks and railcars that deliver food products to market ― plastic bearings touch every point in the food chain. Here’s just a sampling: 

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Topics: Plastic Bearings, food bearings

Q&A: Can you suggest a maintenance-free bearing for a quarry application?

Posted by Dave Biering

Nov 18, 2014 9:30:00 AM

CJ Bearings - A maintenance-free bearing for quarry applicationsToday’s question comes straight from our Ask the Experts portal. An engineer needs maintenance-free bearings for a high-load/low-speed application on the pivot points of a gate valve which is used to dispense crushed aggregate in a limestone quarry. Whether you call it a maintenance-free bearing, zero-maintenance, or even self-lubricating, plastic bearings offer many benefits for a quarry environment.

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Topics: Self-Lubricating Bearings, maintenance-free bearing

Construction Bearings: Not Your Garden-Variety

Posted by Dave Biering

Nov 13, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Construction Bearings: Not Your Garden-VarietyLooking for a lightweight, reinforced, self-lubricating bearing that excels in a construction application?

So was our partner when they called us to replace the corroded metal bearings on the steering assemblies of their small construction machines. Their metal bearings were failing from constant use and exposure to rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions. A durable, reinforced plastic bearing was needed to increase overall machine productivity.

Which bearing did our client choose?

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Topics: Construction

Rulon Bearings in Vacuum Applications

Posted by Dave Biering

Nov 12, 2014 1:30:00 PM

Rugged Rulon 1337 for slide pads and rolling element retainersRugged Rulon 1337 for slide pads and rolling element retainers

When a major manufacturer of vacuum chambers required a self-lubricating bearing to replace their failing metal components, we knew Rulon® bearings would fit the bill. Our Engineering Experts took a site visit to the client, and recommended Rulon 1337; a material that is comprised solely of FDA-compliant materials, and offers durability and extended service with most mating surfaces. 

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Topics: Rulon Materials, Rulon 1337

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