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    CJ Bearings | Self-Lubricating for Extended Heavy-Duty Operation

CJ Composite bearings excel where long wear and low maintenance matter most - in agriculture, automotive, construction, marine, railroad and material handling equipment.  With a high load capacity similar to bronze, powdered metal and steel, CJ bearings can extend the operating life of your machinery, without the added expense of regular lubrication. They are available in standard sizes, and are an ideal drop-in replacement option.

CJ and FCJ Benefits

High-load capacity/high-shock load capability

Accommodates incredible compression loads that literally crush competing composite materials.

Self-lubricating design

Provides maintenance-free operation and eliminates the need for costly and messy greasing systems.

Low coefficient of friction

Reduces wear and extends operating life. Coefficients as low as 0.05 in dry applications and <0.009 in lubricated environments.

Temperature resistant

Operates flawlessly in temperatures ranging from cryogenic levels to a high of 300°F (149°C). (Call for higher temperature availability).

Dimensionally stable in fluids (water and corrosive liquids)

Absorption rates are negligible, providing near-zero swell

Chemical resistant

Compatible with a wide range of lubricants and media

Flexible material design

Suitable for press fit, freeze fit, epoxy bonding, as well as conventional mechanical retention.

Low weight/high strength

Accommodates high-load with a compact strength to weight ratio

Thick-wall availability

Drop in replacement for metal or bronze bearings

CJ and FCJ Technical Resources

CJ Bearings Data Sheet

  • High-load capacity
  • Resistance to chemical, galvanic, or fretting corrosion
  • Minimal galling and scoring
  • Reduced weight
  • Electrical insulation

CJ Part Numbering System CJ - Thin Wall 1/16"
CJ - Standard Wall 1/8" CJ - Heavy Wall 1/4"
CJ - 2.5 MM Wall Metric CJ - 5.0 MM Wall Metric

FCJ Bearings Data Sheet

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Chemical inertia
  • Electrical insulation

FCJ - Standard Wall 1/8"

CJ Bearings Brochure

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